On The Road

Offroad testing products with RV Storage Solutions


Managing directors, Mark and Karen Oliver are regularly in the field testing their products.

"We don't put a product on the market unless we know it works and works well and provides great value for money"

A lot of our ideas come from being out in the bush or on the road. Necessity is the mother of invention so they say and more so convenience. How many times have you said to yourself, "Gee I wish I had a so and so" or "if we had something that would make that easier".

Mark and Karen talk to thousands of people a year both on the road and at trade shows. We take it all in and listen to what people have to say. There have been many great ideas come from these talks which have ended up a finished product and on the market.

Many a weekend and late nights have been dedicated to research and development. Much to the chagrin of Karen!!

Our philosophy of building quality Australian made products and spending once as with our drawer systems, sees the end user get great value and being able to use the same RV products for many years through many vehicles.

Drawers are not a new concept but we took it to another level. We created top shelves and dividing barriers to custom ADR rated cargo barriers that are easy to fit without drilling, we are always pushing the boundaries to what's possible. All this comes from using the product. It makes a difference.

See you on the road.

Mark and Karen Oliver
RV Storage Solutions

Mark and Karen Oliver.